Statcom Solutions range of STARSINE four quadrant grid interactive inverters are designed for network power quality optimisation such as voltage regulation, reactive power control and phase balancing on Utility Low Voltage (LV) networks. The STARSINE's flexible architecture also allows for installation in commercial and industrial premises to provide energy management, power factor correction, renewable integration and energy storage solutions.


About Company

Located in Brisbane, Australia, Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd design and manufacture the STARSINE range of power electronics products – STATCOM Four Quadrant Inverters, DC/DC Controllers and CONFETTI Grid Monitoring devices. Statcom Solutions was formed in February 2013 as the Research, Design and Power Electronics Manufacturing arm of the Autostrada Group. Statcom Solutions along with sister companies Circuit Solutions and Autostrada Accessories provide Power Quality Products and Consultancy, Electronics Design, PCB Manufacturing and OEM Automotive Components & Assemblies.

The STARSINE Technology manufactured by Statcom Solutions was originally developed by Surtek Pty Ltd. Statcom Solutions purchased the technology in 2013 and have continued the product development with industry support from Australian utility companies spanning more than 6 years. As a Tier 1 supplier, Statcom Solutions are committed to providing quality reliable products, customised engineered solutions, technical support and training.

Statcom Solutions continued R&D program has produced a new generation of convection cooled products that have not only increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs but better integrate with renewables and storage technologies. Features include Grid Connection controls such as reactive power management, voltage stabilisation, power factor correction, battery storage and feed-in control. Statcom Solutions are dedicated to supplying locally manufactured and supported product designed to meet Australian and International Standards.